The Heart of Grief

Season 2, Episode 1, STAGES? REALLY?

April 01, 2021 Cover Art: "Big" Jim Miller; Program Music: Georgia Sound "Something New" Season 2 Episode 1
The Heart of Grief
Season 2, Episode 1, STAGES? REALLY?
Show Notes

This is the first episode of our Second Season for the Heart of Grief.
Most people have heard something about grief as being experienced in a predictable series of stages. At least there is a  theory that this is the case.
Anyone who  has been through an introductory psychology course either in High School or college will be familiar with the acronym  DABDA. This comes from the research work of Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross into our human responses to death and dying. Over a period of time, the suggested stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance came to be applied to the experience of grief as well. But is that a fair and accurate understanding? Is it a helpful idea for us when dealing with a difficult loss? In spite of the wide popularity of the idea,  we believe the answer is "no, it is not."  This episode is our explanation of why we and many others, hold that conviction, and why it holds such importance for grieving people.
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