The Heart of Grief

Episode 6, Get Busy or Get Better

September 17, 2020 Cover Art: "Big" Jim Miller; Program Music: Georgia Sound "Something New" Season 1 Episode 6
The Heart of Grief
Episode 6, Get Busy or Get Better
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Last in our Top 6 Most Unhelpful Ideas for Dealing with Loss, we're talking about the almost universal response of getting and staying busy. There are, without doubt, some genuinely helpful outcomes from keeping our energies focused on activity. What we want to bring attention to is the problem of busyness taking the place of the inner work of grief, which is addressing the unfinished emotional matters commonly associated with significant loss. When this happens, keeping busy becomes a mere distraction that has no long term benefit for the hurting heart. 

When we recognize the danger of busyness becoming an impediment to addressing the essential, emotional matters of grief, we provide ourselves opportunity to begin the journey toward resolution and peace.
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