The Heart of Grief

Episode 4, Does Time Heal?

August 11, 2020 Artwork: "Big" Jim Miller; Program Music: Georgia Sound "Something New" Season 1 Episode 4
The Heart of Grief
Episode 4, Does Time Heal?
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We will be talking about the 4th of our Top 6 Most Unhelpful ideas about grief list, "Just Give it time" or "Time heals all wounds." Though this may be the most common suggestion given to grievers, and is normally given with genuine, good intentions, it may also be the most unhelpful. We will explain why this is; what time is not good for and what it is good for. We will offer suggestions on how time may be used in ways that benefit the grieving process. An on-location interview with mechanic and tire expert, Ken Fast provides a light-hearted illustration of our message.
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