The Heart of Grief

Episode 3, Get Another Puppy?

August 01, 2020 Artwork: "Big" Jim Miller; Program Music: Georgia Sound "Something New" Season 1 Episode 3
The Heart of Grief
Episode 3, Get Another Puppy?
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We will be focusing on one more of the top 6, most unhelpful ways to deal with grief, replacing the loss. We'll examine the common tendency to avoid dealing directly with the very difficult emotions of loss by redirecting our attention to substitute things, people or activities.
By avoiding the temptation to choose distracting substitutes at times of loss, we give ourselves the opportunity to honor each loss with healthy grieving.
Replace the Loss: John W. James, The Grief Recovery Institute
-paper mail: The Heart of Grief C/O Martin Brother Funeral Chapels 610 4 St S Lethbridge AB Canada T1J 4P3.
-The Grief Recovery Institute:

Introduction and disclaimer
Unhelpful messages review
Replace the Loss, Our Stories
Why it doesn't help
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"Something to Do" Call to Action
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